Why should we hire you?

We’re glad you asked! Why indeed? We’re a collective made up of professional performers, artists, and child entertainment specialists. Meaning you get what you pay for. Our founder, Wendi has been performing in the Entertainment Industry for 10+ years, has a BA in Theatre, and earned her secondary post-degree certification in Physical Comedy and Puppetry from the acclaimed San Francisco Clown Conservatory. In addition to being award-winning performers and Family Entertainment Professionals, we also just really, really like kids.

What makes you different from other Entertainment Companies?
We are the only professional, dedicated Family Entertainment Company in the Bay Area with a specific focus on engaging children to be their strongest, most powerful selves though the medium of comedy and play! We know you try to model and inspire this attitude in your children every day. Why should a birthday or celebration be any different? On these special days, now more than ever, empower your children to be Fierce and Fabulous, all while ensuring they will have a blast, and you and your adult guests can relax.
Do you offer Princess Parties?

We do. After all, who doesn’t want to be a Princess, or better yet a Queen!?! We offer Princess, Queen, Fairy & Mermaid characters, but with our Power Up signature twist. We offer your little Royals-in-Training the inside scoop on what is actually involved in being a real Queen: Prowess Power, Exceptional Strength and Unmitigated Kindness. And having a few Power Poses doesn’t hurt (cue the cameras). Get ready for the funny and fierce princess they forgot to show you in the movie version.

Help! My child is begging for a visit from the Ice Queen herself.

Yasss Queen! We do offer a few traditional storybook characters (Ice Queen being one of them). And rest assured as with all of our entertainment packages, we bring our unique Power Up twist to the Party.

We’d actually really like Moana, Cinderella, etc. Pretty please?

Thanks for asking, but unfortunately we don’t offer those character options available at this time. Sorry about that. We do our very best to accommodate the needs of our clients, however after years of experience in the Family Entertainment Industry we have a bit of insider insight on what works well and what isn’t always as successful. We’ve specifically selected the characters and costuming we offer in order to provide you with an unparalleled event experience. All while letting you rest easy knowing your entertainment is in line with the unique Power Up aesthetic.

We really wanted to book with Wendi, but she isn’t available?

There is only one Wendi so we do recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. A good rule of thumb is to start your entertainment search 2-3 months out to ensure greatest availability. If Wendi isn’t available don’t despair! She has personally trained and certified the other members of our Power Up Entertainment Professionals Core Collective who fully encompass our unique Transformation Entertainment for Kids. Again, you can rest assured that regardless of who you book with, all our packages come with the same 100% happiness guarantee.

What if your services aren't in my price range?

We offer our Entertainment Packages as premium service. We realize they might not work for all event budgets. We have carefully set our prices at a rate that will allow for a livable wage for our Bay Area Artists and allow our artists to continue ongoing training in their artistic modality. We recommend thinking about the whole event budget and where there might be opportunities to think creatively. Ex) Maybe you don’t *need* those elaborate decorations. They last a day but the memories from an event where the kids had a blast, felt super special, and were connected to their friends last a lifetime.

What’s the 100% happiness guarantee?

If despite following all our tips for success, you haven’t felt the entertainment spread delight and joy to your guests, we will refund the full cost of your entertainment package. 100% guaranteed! We take happiness very seriously.

What about Balloons? Do you offer those?

Balloon Art can be really beautiful to look at. But you know what isn’t fun? The sound of Balloons Popping during your event. Also cleaning up broken balloons after your event. Also hearing children cry when their balloon pops. That doesn’t sound fun at all. This is why we offer our Power Face-Painting or Glitter Tattoos instead of Balloon Art.

Power Face-Painting…what’s that?

Power Painting is full, transformational face-paint designs. Instead of basic cheek art, your child and their friends will have the opportunity to fully become any number of different characters, creatures and conceptual ideas. This full fantasy style face-painting ignites imagination and encourages powerfully fun play. Check out some examples here. We think of our Face-Painting as the final step to fully transforming your child into the Fierce Feline, Powerful Princess or Dynamic Dragon you know them to be.

Do children with sensitive skin get reactions from your face-paint?

We’ve never had any reports of skin reactions from our face-painting (even from little ones with sensitive skin.) It’s true there are cheaper face-paints out there that less informed companies use when painting and these can cause allergic reactions. However we only use FDA approved non-comedogenic professional grade Face-Paint Make-Up.

I’m having a lot of kids. Can you please offer simpler designs?

Yes! We offer design menus specifically for the number of kids you anticipated having at the time of your booking. The time included in our Signature Character Entertainment & Magic Packages allows us to make your guests look fabulous and accomodate as many guests as possible. We don’t think you want your guests leaving your event looking less than stellar, and frankly, neither do we. If you’re having a large event and expecting 25+ guests, we simply bring additional painters. Please let us know so we can help you plan accordingly.

What if more guests show up than expected?

We’ve built our packages with a little wiggle room to be able to accommodate a couple (1-2) extra kids if need be. However, if before the event you realize you will be expecting at least 3-5+ extra guests than originally anticipated (and you are having Face-Painting), please let us know ASAP so we can help you to re-plan your entertainment package accordingly.

We’d hate to have to turn guests away for our services at a party, but this does happen in cases where more guests arrive than planned for. We often are tightly scheduled, especially on weekends. As much as we’d *love* to paint as many people as sit in our chair, if you haven’t booked the necessary amount of time to make that happen, we won’t be able to do that. Thanks for understanding.

What time should we start our entertainment?

It depends on which package you’ve booked, but a good rule of thumb is at least 30-60 minutes after the party start time . This gives your guests enough time to arrive and settle in so they don’t miss the magic! If we are also offering Face-Painting, this is best at the start of the party. Your entertainment specialist will help you figure this all out during you Power Up Planning Call.

Can you perform outside?
Yes. Please note for the safety of the kids, our equipment, and your Power Up Entertainment Professional, we cannot perform in direct sunshine. A shaded area in a backyard, or park is great, as is an elevated stage set up under a tent or shade structure.
How much space do you need for the entertainment?
We are pretty flexible and can make a lot of spaces work. For our shows a large room is your best option. Generally a space at least 6′ x 8′ wide for the “stage” is great with ample space in front of that for the audience to sit. We recommend having kids sit on the floor as our shows are very interactive and they won’t be sitting for long!
Do parents usually like to watch the show?
We regularly perform for both adults and kids. However our Power Up Party shows are primarily designed to be accessible for a very specific developmental age range of kids. While some parents might (and often do!) enjoy watching their children squeal with delight, many adults take the show as an opportunity to relax and catch up with friends.
Do parents need to be in the room during the show?

For our Baby Rave Packages parent’s must be in the room due to the special needs of the Very Young (1-2/3) However, if a child is 3+ your adult guests are welcome to go live it up by the drinks with the other parents 🙂

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We’re professionals after all. We carry $1 million performers liability insurance through Peep Insurance. We are able to add additional institutions onto our policy for specific events upon request at no additional charge. You should always make sure any event professional you use is able to provide your event with insurance coverage.

I want to go big. Can we have more than one entertainment professional at my event?

We sure can. This is a particularly great option if you are expecting a lot of guests for a combined birthday party or looking for kids entertainment for a company or organizational event. Plus duo character appearances are always a big hit (Think Elsa/Anna and Wonder Woman/Spiderman, etc). If you are looking to augment our existing packages with another character, simply note this in your Booking Request.

How should we handle serving food at the party?

Our shows are super active so we recommend serving food either before or after our shows. We’ll go over all this during our Power Up Party Planning Call.

Do you perform for Libraries, Large Company Events, Holiday Parties, Community Street Fairs, Outdoor Festivals, etc?

Ooooh…Yes please! While. *most* of our packages work very well within these types of events, we do also have different offerings for Stage Shows. These work great in schools, libraries, and traditional theatre settings.

The biggest thing to be aware of when planning large-scale celebrations is that the shows need their own dedicated performance area. We do provide our own sound amplification. If you would also like your event to include our Power Face-Painting, in the past we’ve usually been able to work out special packages where we’ll bring in additional artists to accommodate more kids in a quicker amount of time.

Will my child still have a good time even if they are very shy?

Absolutely! Our performers have worked extensively in professional children’s theatre, dance companies, and as k-12 educators. These experiences have given them a lot of insight on how to engage with many different types of children at their social comfort level. We also use strong consent-based language wherever possible to give your child complete autonomy in deciding if they want to hug, be a part of the magic show, take a picture, etc.

I’m a unicorn! I have a special request and/or question.

We understand. We’re unicorns too. If you’ve taken a look at all our FAQ’s and we still haven’t answered your question, simply fill out our Request Form (link to booking form), give us a call or text us at 415-935-1653 or email us at celebrate@powerupparties.com We do our best to get back to all humans within 24 hours.


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