About power up

Power Up Parties is the brainchild of award-winning Comedienne, Wendi (aka Wendi wynazz).

Like many young girls, she grew up on Princess Parties, Unicorns, and Makeovers. But over the years, the idea of the “traditional princess” seemed incongruent with the other ways our society has been evolving out of that narrative. Yet most children’s entertainment companies still find themselves stuck in this antiquated party ritual.

Wendi had a dream of starting a female-run entertainment company that empowered children to be their strongest, most powerful selves through the medium of comedy and play.

All while keeping the delight of dress-up and imagination alive.

That dream has now grown into one of the most popular, highest-rated, and most unique children’s entertainment offerings in the Bay, with a core team of highly-trained, certified children entertainment specialists who all share a similar vision of powerful, transformative fun.

Our founder, Wendi, is a San Francisco Bay Area based actor, director, body painter, arts educator, and event producer who believes that empowering our next generation to be the most powerful and fabulous creatures they can be, truly is the key to our future success.

A graduate of the San Francisco Clown Conservatory, Wendi also has a degree in Theatre Arts. She tours internationally with her solo comedy shows for grown-up kids and often can be found teaching comedy workshops.

She specializes in creating magical children’s party entertainment where she blends physical comedy, magic, and puppetry into a whirlwind of excitement, laughter, and delight.


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